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The 10 best restaurants in Sabadell

best restaurants sabadell

Are you going to be spending a few days in Sabadell, but you have no idea where to go to eat? Allow us to recommend some of the best restaurants in Sabadell. We promise you won’t regret it, because they’re all places that are very famous among tourists and residents in Sabadell.

La Capella

Perhaps one of the most well-known restaurants in town, located right in Can Gambús park. So, if you’re going to take a walk through this park, there’s no better place to go and eat. And, as its name suggests, it used to be an old capella or chapel, which has now been converted into a very popular gastronomic destination in the city, retaining the charm of the original building with modern décor.

Specializing in vegetarian food, the restaurant is divided into a chill-out area to relax, a lounge bar and a patio right in the park with lovely views. They have daily specials and à la carte, with such diverse dishes as vegetables, meats and pastas.

A natural space with everything you could need to spend a nice time with your family. Plus, the kids will have a place to entertain themselves since there is a playground.

El Rancho

Are you passionate about Argentinian food and want to experience an authentic delicacy from that country? You’re best choice is El Rancho, without a second thought. A place that combines modernity, elegance and innovation to create a cozy environment for anyone who wants to eat traditional Argentinian food.

A large space with private areas for family get togethers, business lunches or a meal with friends. The menu includes a wide variety of classic grilled Argentinian dishes, maintaining the traditional essence of the parilla. Loin, sirloin, ribs, chorizos… there’s plenty to choose from!


Sabadell might not be near the coast, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the best Mediterranean food with traditional dishes from Catalan cuisine.

This establishment is located next to Eix Macià, the city’s commercial and business district. A place with a modern touch but a warm, intimate ambience. Are you visiting in the summertime? You’ll love sitting on the terrace while you sample their food.

An extensive menu with many unique recipes, such as Duck Breast with Sweet and Sour Sauce or Monkfish a la Sidra. And what better way to enjoy these dishes than with a locally produced wine?

Casa Paco

On Calle Baltarga you will find this small bar that will delight anyone who loves going out for tapas. Croquettes, shrimp, prawns, serrano ham… there’s always something new to try on their menu!

That being said, it is a place that fills up quickly because they don’t have many tables, so you need to get there early. It’s better to go on a weekday.

Izakaya Taverna Japonesa

Are you just looking for a place where you can sit down and have a nice conversation while you enjoy a tasting of small plates? Why not try it with the highest quality Japanese food?

Decorated in a modern style, this restaurant allows you to enjoy authentic Japanese food while relaxing after a trip or after a long workday. All sorts of Japanese food, from sushi and sashimi to uramaki, gyoza and maki. Sound good? It’s located on Calle Sant Quirze. A fantastic place to relax and have a conversation!

El Rincón del Bierzo

Looking for a great place for dinner? There’s a restaurant in Sabadell that’s perfect for that, located on Passeig del Comerç, very close to the Sabadell Sur Renfe train station.

A family-style restaurant that is most famous for its star dish: pulpo a la gallega, or Galcian octopus. A dish which, as you will see for yourself if you decide to eat there, is a must-have on every table. It’s advisable to go early for dinner because it tends to fill up quickly. Apart from octopus, they have other very tasty dishes which would be perfect to accompany their star dish.


Wouldn’t it be a shame to visit the city of Sabadell and not enjoy the local cuisine? That’s why we recommend the restaurant Forellat, located on Calle de l’Estació.

A place whose appearance might seem a bit cold to some, but whose service is impeccable. The best part? Their menu, chock full of traditional dishes from the city as well as the Catalunya region. You won’t want to miss out on it!

La Rambla

As you might have guessed from the name, this restaurant can be found on La Rambla de Sabadell, a perfect place to go on a Sunday when you’re not in a hurry to get back to your hotel.

A wide variety of tapas, starters and main courses, both meat and fish, all fresh and with top-notch ingredients. And, if you happen to be in Sabadell on a public holiday, you can always enjoy a dessert that is traditional for that holiday, handmade by master bakers.

Viena Restaurant

Will you be doing more than just sightseeing in Sabadell? Maybe doing some shopping? Or perhaps going to see a film at the Eix Macià cinema? If that’s the case, we recommend Viena Restaurant, the ideal place to eat lunch with the whole family.

Salads, sandwiches with artisan bread, delicious pizzas with quality ingredients, and most of all, their seasonal specials that change throughout the year! You’ll definitely want to go back to this place while you’re in the city.

Can Feu

This restaurant is located on Calle Pintor Borrassa, a restaurant that offers traditional Catalan cuisine with the freshest products. In fact, it has its own fishery, so the seafood is always freshly “caught” to enjoy in all its splendor.

Apart from their menu, they offer daily specials, which usually include meat, vegetables or paella. And that’s not to mention their delicious desserts, all handmade, including local desserts as well as ones from other cultures.