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The best restaurants for a romantic dinner in Sabadell

So, you鈥檝e decided to come to Sabadell for a special evening? Or maybe your plans for a romantic getaway have led you to this city? Whatever the case, you鈥檙e in the right place if you鈥檙e looking to plan a romantic dinner in Sabadell.

Not just because Sabadell has so many activities where you can spend quality time together, but also because of the wide variety of romantic restaurants in Sabadell where you can eat in peace, just the two of you, without anyone disturbing you. Want to know what they are? Grab a pencil and read on!

Restaurant La Rambla

An elegant, sophisticated establishment with incredibly delicious dishes, worthy of a chef of haute cuisine. Since the restaurant was remodeled, it has become one of the best restaurants you can choose for a romantic meal.

They specialize in Mediterranean food, and while it might be a little expensive, you can find dishes suited to any budget on their menu. You won鈥檛 regret it. All you have to do is go to La Rambla, find number 194, and enjoy.


This restaurant just might become your favorite place for a romantic evening, mostly because the entire menu is designed by the prestigious Chef Josep Forellat, offering modern dishes of Mediterranean haute cuisine.

An establishment where you can enjoy creative masterpieces all while delighting in the tranquility of eating without anyone disturbing you. Ensuring their customers can dine in peace and quiet is one of this place鈥檚 fortes. However, it is quite exclusive, so it鈥檚 a special occasion you might want to save for.

9 de la Borriana

We recommend this restaurant because they specialize in Mediterranean cuisine, prepared in the traditional way, and they always adapt their menu to the season. The d茅cor could be considered fairly contemporary, helping everyone to feel right at home.

Perhaps the biggest drawback is that the place isn鈥檛 very big, so you will need to make a reservation well in advance, especially if you鈥檙e making romantic plans for Valentine鈥檚 Day.

The Loft

This might be one of the newest restaurants in Sabadell. But even so, it has quickly become one of the favorite spots for locals and tourists who are looking for somewhere to enjoy a nice little romantic meal.

A fantastic place to eat Mediterranean food, with an excellent value, where you can enjoy such delicious items as Sicilian cannoli. It is located at Carrer de les Tres Creus street, number 15. We鈥檙e sure it will become one of your favorites.


Wouldn鈥檛 a Japanese restaurant be the perfect place to celebrate your special romantic night in Sabadell? You bet! At this establishment, you can enjoy a romantic dinner with dim lighting that really helps set the mood.

You can enjoy all sorts of Japanese dishes, although, as the name suggests, their specialty is sushi. However, you will need to make a reservation pretty far in advance; otherwise, you might find that there are no tables available when you reach Carrer de la Rosa street.

IZKY Sushi Bar

If you can鈥檛 get a table at Sushi21, you might want to head over to Carrer de Sant Quirze street, where you鈥檒l find IZKY Sushi Bar, one of the most popular places in Sabadell for delicious Asian food.

You can eat the chef鈥檚 recommendations or enjoy their gyozas and maki sushi. But, if you want our opinion, let the chef surprise you, because you definitely won鈥檛 be disappointed with what he offers you.

Kin Thai

Or would you prefer Thai food? There鈥檚 only one place to get it, and it鈥檚 Kin Thai. A business run by a married couple who were bold enough to open the first restaurant specializing in Thai food in the whole city.

How have they managed to come so far? Simple, by knowing how to combine the five basic tastes (sweet, spicy, sour, bitter and salty) in a unique explosion of flavors and dishes that, of course, are all homemade. You鈥檒l need to make a reservation some days in advance if you want a table on certain popular days, because it is quite well-known and a favorite of the locals. It鈥檚 located at Carrer de Garcilaso street, number 4. It鈥檚 a bit expensive, but every dish is absolutely worth it.

El Pendejo

Just from the name, it鈥檚 pretty obvious that this restaurant specializes in Mexican food, right? Maybe the name doesn鈥檛 inspire much confidence, but trust us鈥攊t鈥檚 worth going to this restaurant for your romantic dinner in Sabadell.

It is, without a doubt, the best Mexican restaurant in the city, with unbeatable d茅cor and dishes that will take you on a journey to the local cuisine of the old villages in the south of Mexico. It鈥檚 delicious, beautiful, and cheap, and worth every euro you pay for the food you eat, rest assured.