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The Santa Lucia Festival, the favourite destination for tourists at Christmas!


If you are thinking of spending the December holiday in Sabadell, or will be visiting during the Christmas holidays, let us recommend a place: the Festival of Santa Ll煤cia. This is a must see in December, even more than the monuments and parks the city has to offer.

The history of the Santa Lucia Festival

The oldest reference to this celebration dates from 1786, which was held on 13 December. The Cathedral of Barcelona was filled with parades in which the parishioners who came out of the religious ceremonies acquired figures for the Christmas crib.

More than 200 years later, the festival has evolved into a feast that begins on the last Saturday of November and ends on 23 December. Originally, this celebration was only held in Barcelona, but for more than 70 years Sabadell has had its own version.

What will you find in the stands?

Santa Llucia Market in Sabadell

Last year the Festival of Santa Llucia in Sabadell began on 29th November, in Sant Roc Square.

There was more than 50 stands dedicated to Christmas products; from balls and ribbons for the Christmas tree, to figures for decorating the nativity scene, natural and artificial firs, 芦caganers禄 -a typical catalonian figurine- of the most outstanding characters of today, Christmas plants, lucky charms… Not forgetting one of the classic decorations: socks to hang from the chimney.

Taking advantage of your stay, why not let the children enjoy one of the great local traditions of these holidays? Indeed, we are talking about ‘Ti贸 de Nadal’ or ‘Caga Ti贸’! From the day it arrives to your hands, until Christmas Eve, children must feed these small versions of ‘Ti贸’.

On December 24th they beat him with sticks, while singing traditional songs of this festivity, until the ‘Ti贸’ 芦crap禄 presents and sweets.

Is it too small for you? Visit Santa Llucia Market in Barcelona!


It is almost impossible not to fall in love with the beautiful market that invades the square of Sant Roc in Sabadell. But, if you feel that this market is too small for you, why don’t you get in the car and drive to Barcelona to visit the real ‘Fira de Santa Ll煤cia’?

This market is located in front of Barcelona’s Cathedral, with more than 300 stands divided into four sectors:

  • The sector of the figures and cribs, where you will find the typical figures to decorate the tree and the crib.
  • he section of the natural and artificial trees, where you will also find moss, eucalyptus branches and other vegetation typical of these celebrations.
  • The handicraft sector with a wide variety of figures, clothing, jewelry, gift items and decoration.
  • The music sector, where you will find traditional Christmas music instruments such as the tambourine and the ‘zambomba’.

Apart from the stands, there are plenty of musical shows and activities. A perfect place to spend the day and, above all, to buy home decorations.