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Vintage décor in the service industry

If you’re one of those people who is always in-the-know about new places opening up in your city, or if you travel and eat out a lot, you’ll have noticed that most new establishments in the service industry have something in common: they are increasingly opting for more vintage décor over modern or Nordic styles.

Why is that? Why do hotels and restaurants prefer this type of décor in their establishments instead of others? We’ll explain why right now!

Why vintage décor in hotels and restaurants?

We could write a whole dissertation on the reasons. But instead, we’ll sum them up one point at a time to help you understand why the service industry is opting for a vintage style.

A cozy, charming atmosphere

Vintage-style décor has a unique charm that makes a place feel cozy and pleasant to look at. Maybe because it uses softer lighting, or maybe because of how simple or showy it can be… Whatever the case, there’s no question that no other style can match that feeling of comfort.

Not convinced? Try spending a night in a hotel with modern décor and then try a night in a vintage style hotel. You’ll see that the latter is best—you’ll be much more relaxed and feel right at home, while the former seems a bit more forced.

It adds a personal touch to the business

The vintage style is quite broad, giving business owners lots of room to play around. As a result, it allows them to give a personal touch to their establishment that wouldn’t be possible with other styles.

For example, two places decorated in a 1960s-inspired vintage style. Will they look alike? Not necessarily, because the business could be basing their décor on period architecture in the United States, music from that period in Spain, or the world of sports in that decade. No two places will be alike.

Pieces you won’t find anywhere else

Including some purely decorative elements in businesses with vintage décor is very typical, and it allows them to have pieces that nobody else has. For example, in a bar-restaurant? You could find an old gramophone.

In a hotel? A whole exhibit of old movie posters, figurines, wooden engravings… A huge range of possibility that you won’t find in other styles.

Vintage décor, a very versatile style

Maybe one of the main reasons that hotels and restaurants end up going for a more vintage look is that it’s a fairly versatile style. First off, within the umbrella term vintage décor you have vintage chic, rustic vintage, retro…

This offers a lot of freedom when it comes to decorating a business. For instance, in a hotel, a vintage style allows each room to have its own theme. In a restaurant, it provides a nice, cozy ambience for the whole family thanks to the wooden floors, pastel tones, and distressed furniture.

Vintage, but with the comforts of the modern world

Given that vintage style is hotter than ever now, it’s no wonder that shops are filling up more and more with this sort of décor for both businesses and private homes.

The thing is, there are lots of decorative items that have a vintage look and also have the conveniences of modern technology. You’ve probably noticed that vinyl records are back in style, right? Well, imagine getting to your hotel rom and finding a record player that works with Wi-Fi so you can play music from your smartphone. That would be awesome, right?

You can recycle old furniture

It’s not that vintage décor is less expensive than other styles, quite the opposite. It can actually involve a bigger upfront investment for the business owner compared to other types of décor. However, it has one advantage that few other styles offer: the ability to recycle any type of furniture or accessory.

You could have a modern table that you don’t use anymore, and with a bit of work you could transform it into something vintage style. Old cloth can be converted into curtains or upholstery for chairs and stools, chesterfield sofas can be the seats instead of tables, and so on.

Exposed fixtures, because vintage embraces industrial

This also has its own charm, and it’s something that business owners really like because it saves them a lot of money. Vintage style is loosely related to industrial style, so it’s not uncommon to see them both coexisting in the same space.

You could be eating in a restaurant with exposed beams on the ceiling, or iron rods holding it up. Or stay at a hotel where the pipes in the bathroom are exposed. And you know what? You won’t mind! Because it’s just another part of the décor, and it adds a touch of charm that you can’t get with other styles.

It’s not just a fad

Don’t think for a second that just because more and more businesses are using vintage décor that it’s just a fad. It’s been proven that a vintage look is more pleasant for customers, inviting them to feel perfectly at home, even away from home.

Whether it’s for a restaurant, a shop or a hotel, it’s always a safe bet. Especially when combined with other decorative styles to achieve an even more homey feel.